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UTB AI Bot – The New Way to Generate Crypto Growth via Telegram

UTB Bot, short for United TeleBot, is a fully-automated currency app that allows Telegram users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. The application functions similarly to most crypto wallets, enabling cost-free deposits, withdrawals, and conversions. In addition, however, it comes with a user incentive in the form of a daily return, regardless of external conditions.

Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging apps in recent years, reaching over 700 million users. Notably, the Telegram community increased by 200 million between April and November 2022. This staggering growth puts Telegram at the forefront of secure, semi-decentralized platforms with a never-ending traffic stream ripe for monetization.

The UTB Bot seeks to create a scalable blockchain-based ecosystem that Telegram users can easily access to trade and invest directly from their accounts. Read on to learn more about the United TeleBot, its features, and plans!

What is the UTB Bot and How Does it Work?

UTB Bot is a new and more accessible form of automated crypto management via Telegram. The application integrates with established blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB Chain. These networks are world-renowned, highly secure, and nearly impossible to breach. UTB incorporates these benefits to provide a safe environment where users can trade and convert digital assets. Additionally, UTB uses MTProto, Telegram’s messaging protocol, which has set a significant security standard since its release in 2015.

The team behind UTB guarantees “a daily growth of 1% for every penny” users invest with them. This growth is possible by introducing the UTB token, an inner currency initially available for the United TeleBot and later deployable on other blockchains in BEP and ERC forms.

The app calculates the price of UTB tokens monthly through a neural-growth algorithm, ensuring guaranteed growth. Next, it divides this amount by a statistical exponent, resulting in a small daily income based on the known future price. Simply put, it creates a small income daily depending on an established amount of future growth.

Next, UTB employs a Ladder Referral System, enabling users to earn more by inviting their friends to join the platform. The system ranks users depending on these factors:

  • The number of tokens the user holds.
  • The number of users one has invited.
  • The number of referrals with non-zero balances.
  • The user’s daily activity.
  • The user’s impact on the project’s overall growth.

Climbing the ladder rewards users with prizes and special events. The ladder system occurs over a six-month season, after which it resets, bringing a fresh new start for all UTB users. This feature does not impact the users’ funds and aims to provide equal opportunities for everyone. Lastly, UTB ensures constant growth through blockchain payments.

UTB Bot Features

The United TeleBot plans to provide more than guaranteed growth to its users. The project has announced several features that should make crypto management via Telegram a safe and convenient user experience.

Safe Wallet

This feature keeps the users’ funds secure and their conversations confidential. This way, anyone can generate value and talk about everything crypto in a safe and private environment. Moreover, their funds are always accessible within seconds.


Telegram is popular for its instant and secure messaging system. UTB provides the same benefits, allowing users to deposit, withdraw, and convert funds in only a few taps. This process makes crypto management easier, even for people entirely new to the market.

24/7 Customer Support

The UTB Bot is fully automated, and its AI-driven algorithms perform calculations at an inaccessible speed for humans. Nevertheless, the app aims to nurture and maintain a personal bond with its users. That’s why it employs human workers, ensuring 24/7 customer support 365 days a year.

Community Platform

UTB provides users with a special Telegram chat to discuss crypto management, share ideas, and discover how automated strategies work. This channel also delivers news updates and promotions to its members.


The UTB team started working on the project in 2022 and quickly advanced through the many stages in its roadmap. They dedicated most of last year to building the algorithm. This included testing and refining the use of big data involved.

In October 2022, the team launched a B2C traffic platform – a multi-functional tool for buying or selling traffic, depending on the user’s needs. A month later, they created an open community where clients and investors can connect transparently. Finally, in December, they released the UTB Bot, providing easy deposits and withdrawals and numerous functionalities and special mechanics leading to growing profits.

The first Ladder Season started at the beginning of 2023, bringing a new way to generate decentralized prize pools. In February, the team deployed the UTB token on a fast and widely used network, BEP-20, and announced that more networks would soon follow.

The project has big plans for the remainder of the year. Firstly, the introduction of new mechanics will lead to the release of UTB Bot 2.0 in March. Later, the team aims to integrate new payment methods and expand to new markets, such as Discord. These changes should come before the 2nd Ladder Season starts in June 2023.

The Bottom Line

UTB Bot makes crypto management easier for everyone, regardless of skills or experience. In addition, the app monetizes the traffic on Telegram, a highly popular and secure messaging app, to generate constant growth for its users.

The team behind this project combines several technologies and innovations to profit from Telegram’s consistent surge in global popularity. For instance, they use an AI-powered algorithm, a proprietary token (UTB), and blockchain payments. Furthermore, it incentivizes users through a rewarding Referral System occurring in bi-annual seasons and affiliate prizes. Lastly, the platform’s safe crypto wallet and 24/7 customer support add to an expanding ecosystem of appealing features.

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As Telegram continues to attract more users, so should apps like United TeleBot, which use the platform to provide advanced crypto management services. For more information about UTB Bot, follow these links: Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Telegram Chat.

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