Vechain To Launch First Blockchain Intelligent Tumor Treatment Center

VeChain has announced a partnership with DNV GL and Renji Hospital to launch the world’s first intelligent Tumor Treatment Center.

A Comprehensive Medical Blockchain Solution

The Intelligent Tumor Treatment Center (ITTC) is a blockchain solution that combines DNV GL’s professional services with VeChain ToolChain technology.

The blockchain solution will cover the entirety of the tumor treatment procedure in Renji Hospital. ITTC will bring transparent, efficient, and traceable medical management capabilities backed by VeChain ToolChain.

Patients will be able to have full control of medical records authorization, while researchers will be able to use authorized data without compromising the patient’s privacy.

This data can be trusted as authentic, thus improving the efficiency of clinical research. Also, regulatory authorities can use authorized data to ensure that medical institutions maintain business compliance.

The partnership will also launch more initiatives to improve global public health using the VeChain blockchain platform.

Vice President of Renji Hospital Zhang Jidong believes that the partnership is a great one for the medical sector.

”Moving forward, Renji Hospital intends to boost our healthcare facilities with more blockchain-powered use cases and projects, which will be gradually disclosed together with our partners when the time is right.” He said.

VeChain’s CEO Sunny Lu had similar sentiments and said that Vechain had shown its capabilities in different fields.

“As digital transformation accelerates in the healthcare sector, VeChain will continue to demonstrate its advantages and flexibility as a superior blockchain platform that is suitable for all types of use cases and industries.

Blockchain Adoption Part Of China’s Five-Year Plan

China has been encouraging blockchain technology in different sectors due to its five-year economic and social development plan.

The National Health Commission recently formulated an official guideline and highlighted blockchain technology as an important innovation in the medical and health industry. Since then, more health organizations have utilized the power of blockchain solutions within their systems.

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China has also been at the forefront in the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). The Asian nation recently tested its digital Yuan in several cities with mixed results.

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