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ViceHub – The Home of Satirical NFT Art on the Blockchain

ViceHub is a Solana and Ethereum-based NFT marketplace aiming to become the go-to platform for NFT art focusing on satire, parody, and meme comedy. The project is fresh on the market but has already debuted its first collection of satirical art. For example, the Lolita Adventures NFT series includes 26 NFTs, each a humorous portrayal of Bill Clinton’s flight onboard the infamous “Lolita Express” private jet with Jeffrey Epstein.

The auction for the first Lolita Adventures NFT, Flight One-II.IX.MMII is live now on OpenSea and will end on February 28th. Moreover, this is only the first NFT project ViceHub has in store. The platform seeks to develop into an all-comprising NFT marketplace/launchpad with a proprietary token ($VICETKN) and an artist-oriented vision.

Read more about ViceHub, its first NFT collection, tokenomics, and plans!

What is ViceHub?

ViceHub claims to be the first NFT marketplace focusing mainly on satirical NFTs. Specifically, it supports and promotes digital art that looks at historical or popular culture events through a parody lens. At the apex of a thriving meme culture, ViceHub aims to build a community of artists, creators, and NFT collectors who can see the funny side of things.

ViceHub’s mission is to “seize the memes of production” and create a monopoly in a growing meme economy. The platform will develop as a Metaplex-powered marketplace on Solana and Ethereum, where NFTs will be available for minting, buying, selling, and auctioning.

The project is still in its early stages, and the team manually approves the artists and the artwork they showcase. However, the community will be tasked with voting on project listings and delistings via the ViceDAO in the future. Therefore, one of the platform’s goals is to develop into a decentralized autonomous organization.

ViceHub will consist of mainly two sections – the marketplace and the launchpad. The latter will enable creators to mint new NFT collections onto the Solana blockchain using the Metaplex Candy Machine V2. Meanwhile, the marketplace will allow buyers and sellers to trade the NFTs listed for sale post-mint.

The platform will also feature a proprietary token with utility, rewards, and governance properties, $VICETKN. ViceHub will charge a 5% buyers marketplace fee to those who don’t hold the token. On the other hand, VICETKN holders will only have to pay a 1% buyers marketplace fee if they have at least 100 $VICETKN. These values are subject to change throughout the platform’s future development.

Lastly, as original artists, creators can set any royalty fee they choose from 0% and up to 5%. Sellers will only have to pay these fees when trading forward a digital artwork through ViceHub. Notably, these fees do not include any Solana blockchain costs.

The Vice Token ($VICETKN)

The rapidly growing ViceHub ecosystem will use the Vice token ($VICETKN) for everything from rewards to governance and other utilities. VICETKN is an SPL (Solana Program Library) token and will first enable holders to pay reduced marketplace fees when purchasing or minting an NFT on ViceHub.

In the future, members of the ViceDAO will use the VICETKN for staking. This will allow them to share in SOL-generated marketplace fees. However, until this feature becomes available, all the fees generated in the marketplace will go directly to the treasury wallet. These funds will go solely towards ViceHub’s growth and operational cost.

Staking $VICETKN in the ViceDAO will also enable holders to earn $VICETKN for contributing to the governance and operations of the ViceHub ecosystem.

$VICETKN Tokenomics

  • Ticker: $VICETKN
  • Maximum Supply: 1 billion tokens
  • Initial Supply: 73.5 million tokens

Release Schedule & Distribution

  • 1% (10,000,000 tokens) will go towards the airdrop and be instantly tradable post-IDO.
  • 5% (50,000,000 tokens) will represent the initial LP and be immediately tradable post-IDO.
  • 5% (50,000,000 tokens) will be the seed vested over 12 months (1 year). The platform will release 4,200,000 tokens within the first 11 months and another 3,800,000 tokens in month 12.
  • 10% (100,000,000 tokens) will go towards a public sale. This amount will be vested over 12 months (1 year), with 8,300,000 tokens scheduled for release within the first 11 months and 8,700,000 tokens in month 12.
  • 20% (200,000,000 tokens) will go to the ViceHub team. The amount will be vested over 400 months (33.3 years), and 500,000 tokens will be released monthly.
  • 19% (190,000,000 tokens) will go to the Treasury. The amount will be vested over 380 months (31.6 years), with 500,000 tokens released monthly.
  • 20% (200,000,000 tokens) will go to the ViceDAO. The amount will be vested over 800 months (66.6 years), with 250,000 tokens released monthly.
  • 20% (200,000,000 tokens) will go towards LP Rewards. The amount will be vested over 800 months (66.6 years), with 250,000 tokens released monthly.

The Lolita Adventures NFT Collection

ViceHub hit the ground running with an exciting NFT collection, Lolita Adventures. The series boasts 26 NFTs, each accounting for one of US President Bill Clinton’s flights with Jeffrey Epstein on the late financier’s private jet. Some media outlets derisively nicknamed the plane “Lolita Express,” a moniker ViceHub borrowed to describe the infamous flight log that will forever be encapsulated on the blockchain.

Each Lolita Adventures NFT bears the name of the actual date of the flight. For instance, the first NFT available for auction on OpenSea is Flight One-II.IX.MMII. Collectors can bid for it up until February 28th. After that, the rest of the collection will go on auction at 1 NFT every 24 hours after that date. The release will continue in this rhythm until all 26 NFTs become available for bidding.

NFTs may have fallen out of fashion in 2022, but so has the entire crypto market. Nevertheless, a resurging interest in digital assets has recently attracted numerous new collectors and personalities. Donald Trump’s recent foray into NFTs proves that only a few, including former US Presidents, can afford to ignore this trend.

ViceHub is behind the Lolita Adventures NFT collection, and its rise to popularity should coincide with the rejuvenated general interest in NFTs. This series, in particular, takes one of the most talked about popular culture events and unfolds it in the crypto space with a satirical twist. As a result, collectors can now own an important piece of recent history carefully designed and curated in the most authentic meme spirit.

ViceHub Roadmap

ViceHub launched in 2023, with the team focused most of Q1 on building the website, setting up its social media accounts, and preparing the airdrop. Issuing the Lolita Adventures NFT collection is also part of this development stage.

The team has several plans for the Q2 of 2023, including the live release of the marketplace and the launchpad. Furthermore, the $VICETKN public sale will also occur in this period.

ViceHub V1.0 should be live in 2023 and include the following:

  • An IDO (Initial DEX Offering)
  • The ViceDAO launch
  • Releasing the LP Yield Farm
  • Obtaining an audit for the ViceHub platform

Lastly, ViceHub V2.0 should develop by the end of 2023 and reward ViceDAO members with voting rights.

Final Thoughts

The ViceHub team believes satire is an integral part of social evolution. Laughing in the face of adversity brings a different perspective on most matters. It helps us challenge established doctrines, reshape traditions, and freely share ideas. Above all, engaging in the occasional banter helps people bond and take things lightly to overcome conflict and tragedy.

Satire may have always been part of human culture, but it still hasn’t found its place on the blockchain. ViceHub seeks to change that by fusing the meme culture with innovative technologies like NFTs and Web3. In time, non-fungible tokens should become many people’s favorite way to prove ownership of digital artwork, products, services, and communities.

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You can learn more about ViceHub at Website | Twitter | Discord | OpenSea.

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