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Volt Inu (VOLT) Already Making Crazy Returns Before The Bull Run

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With Volt Inu still under a $100M market cap, many investors are interested in this rapidly growing project. In addition, the story of an early investor in VOLT brings to light the potential of this project. This is especially true as many compare this project to the story of Shiba Inu ($SHIB).

Turning $500 Into Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

As the project has started a mad dash since the beginning of February, exactly like SHIB did in 2021, we are seeing more and more stories of investors making fortunes. One of them saw an investor purchase 0.3 ETH in VOLT ($500) in December 2021.

Over the next 13 months, he slowly sold off 23% of his bag to take responsible profits. Then, thanks to the recent run, VOLT started; he grew his remaining holdings to $282K by early February 2023.

The token went from $0.0000007 to above $0.0000014 in the last few days. The sudden move caught the attention of the entire crypto world and raised its market cap closer to $100 million following the announcement of an upcoming 56 million dollar burn.

The team is confident that the token will soon move closer to its ATH market cap ($250 million). On their Twitter account, Volt’s founders claimed they are betting on the token to surpass this ambitious target.

This diligent investor’s incredible story demonstrates Volt Inu’s potential, especially as the token has yet around a 100x potential to catch up with the SHIB market cap.

How $VOLT Resembles $SHIB

In many ways, the story of Volt Inu is similar to that of Shiba Inu ($SHIB). $SHIB saw an impressive run in 2021; since then, many investors have followed its path. In those days, the token’s spectacular growth created several success stories and rewarded many brave investors.

Therefore, seeing folks comparing $VOLT with the popular meme token is unsurprising after seeing Volt Inu listed on 108 exchanges and being awarded “Memecoin of the Year” in 2022. Volt Inu is confident that the upcoming weeks will be just as exciting for this token and its early adopters.

In 2022, when Volt Inu went live on, many investors began talking about $VOLT’s resemblance to $SHIB. When $SHIB joined, its price went from $0.0000002 to $0.000035 in only a few weeks. With all the achievements VOLT has already accomplished, such as a Nasdaq interview, many deflationary mechanisms, and manual burns such as the upcoming $56 million burn, the chances to see VOLT making such a run happen must be addressed.  

There are other similarities between the two projects as well. Both have an anonymous developer, a strong community, and a partnership-heavy business model. This combination of factors could mean that a similar price spike is on the horizon for Volt Inu.

The success story of an early VOLT holder shows the potential of this project. Moreover, with its similarity to Shiba Inu’s rise in 2021, many investors have high hopes for Volt Inu ($VOLT)’s future.

About Volt Inu

Volt Inu is a deflationary cryptocurrency and DeFi platform. The project aims to enhance the crypto experience for users while rewarding its loyal community.

Users can participate in the Volt Inu ecosystem via the native VOLT token and by leveraging its multiple features. From the Voltichange DEX to multiple crypto partnerships, Volt Inu offers its users various activities to engage with.

The stories of successful early adopters serve as inspiration to everyone else. In this context, the upcoming features can make Volt Inu a must-have asset in every portfolio.

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Volt Inu’s website and social media pages (as listed below) are the sources of all official updates. In addition, its community can follow the team online to stay updated with the project’s latest developments: Twitter | Telegram | YouTube.

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