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Volt Inu (VOLT) – Providing Passive Rewards for an Entire Army of Users

Volt Inu (VOLT) is a hyper-deflationary token seeking to help users diversify their investments across several asset types. Its goal is to build a loyal community, the VOLTARMY, whose members will have access to a growing ecosystem of assets and products, including NFTs, reflections, merchandise, and a P2E game.

The meme-coin trend produced several projects with varying degrees of success and popularity in recent years. For instance, some coins like Shiba Inu made it into the top-10 cryptos by market cap. However, most Doge-inspired projects faded into obscurity mostly because they lacked solid ideas and community support.

Volt Inu aims to break away from anonymity and be part of the select group of noteworthy meme-coins. To this end, its team has developed an extensive roadmap, which already includes a successful token migration. Also, the project relies on a growing community relishing potentially high rewards in the long term.

This Volt Inu Review looks closer at the project’s odds of making a name for itself in the industry. Read on to learn more about the VOLT token, its features, and its benefits!

What is Volt Inu?

Volt Inu (VOLT) launched as a hyper-deflationary token on Ethereum and BNB Chain in December 2021. It is an ERC-20/BEP-20 token with an automatic liquidity-providing protocol that pays static rewards to holders.

The project aims to help investors access a more extensive palette of crypto investment opportunities. For example, its community members, a.k.a. the VOLTARMY, may indirectly gain exposure to NFTs, blockchain nodes, and altcoins just by holding VOLT.

Currently, VOLT is available to buy on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and Everswap. Volt Inu has successfully passed audits from Solidity as well as Certik and has significant plans for the future. For instance, it announced a P2E game, Volt Inu 2D Racers, including free races and play-to-earn opportunities.

Volt Inu also seeks to venture beyond the digital space by launching its own merch. Soon, the project should launch an NFT collection, a coin launchpad and a system rewarding and incentivizing social activity. Ultimately, the VOLTARMY should become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

The Volt Inu Migration

From the beginning, Volt Inu’s ambitious development strategy included four imminent stages. At least, this is how it appears in the project’s first whitepaper. However, its early journey did not go as smoothly as planned.

Shortly after the release, the team realized that the token’s 19 decimals hindered its listing on centralized exchanges. Therefore, a new smart contract migration was necessary to accelerate the token’s growth.

The migration completed in April and divided the 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 VOLT tokens by a billion. This helped reduce technical difficulties on CEX listings and increase the coin’s growth without affecting holders.

Those who held VOLT1 tokens before the migration received VOLT2 tokens in their wallets tax-free. Meanwhile, the VOLTARMY members who missed the migration had to wait a month to receive their tokens. That happened because the team had to manually check and approve transactions.

Volt Inu Features

The Volt Inu migration came with several benefits for the project and its users. Firstly, it improves the token’s deflationary purpose. Before the migration, the token’s ETH smart contract involved a 13% tax on all transactions. Out of this total tax, 4% used to go to the liquidity pool. Meanwhile, the BSC smart contract involved burning 4% of transaction fees.

The migration cut the ETH tax in half. Therefore, the liquidity pool on Ethereum will now receive 2% and the remainder will automatically burned.

The new contract will support treasury, marketing, and development tax allocations. As a result, Volt Inu continues its evolution towards becoming a community-managed DAO. Before that status becomes official, the project aims to reward its users with several features, including the ones below.

The Volt Inu 2D Racers Game

One of the most exciting Volt Inu features is Volt Inu 2D Racers. This play-to-earn game will engage VOLT token holders in free races and pay-to-play projects. They can choose these projects or create them before playing. Regardless of their choice, their goal should be obtaining high positions on various leaderboards involving crypto prizes.

The Volt Inu Launchpad/Incubator

Another Volt Inu feature is the upcoming launchpad/incubator, which will help VOLTARMY members invest in projects during their early development stages. Additionally, those holding a considerable amount of VOLT tokens and NFTs will be able to reserve project allocations.

Volt Merchandise

A central part of Volt Inu’s increase in popularity is its VOLT-themed merchandise. The store section on the Volt Inu website is already live, showcasing t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more. This way, avid VOLTARMY supporters can exhibit their token affinity in the real world.

VOLT Tokenomics

As we mentioned above, VOLT is available on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Here are its transaction fee distribution details for each chain:

Tokenomics on Ethereum:

  •       1%- Reflection
  •       2% – Liquidity
  •       4% – Marketing & Development
  •       2% – Automatic Burn
  •       4% – Treasury

Tokenomics on BSC:

  •       Marketing & Development- 4%
  •       Automatic Burn – 4%
  •       Treasury – 4%
  •       Reflection – 1%

Volt Inu Roadmap

In its early beginning, Volt Inu established four development stages. That was in December 2021, and nearly six months later, the project has completed most of all. Naturally, the team will continue to add objectives to its roadmap as the VOLTARMY community grows. For now, let’s see some of Volt Inu’s most significant achievements:

  •       Stealth and fair launch on Uniswap
  •       CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings
  •       Enabling NFTs and nodes acquisition, altcoins trading, and NFTs Fractionalizations
  •       Whitepaper release
  •       Smart contract audit
  •       BSC bridge
  •       CEX listings
  •       P2E game release
  •       Launching VOLT Merch
  •       Migration to V2
  •       Everswap listing
  •       Listing VOLT on the 23rd exchange.
  •       Building a gateway allowing people to buy VOLT tokens with credit and debit cards.
  •       Announcing the burning of 1 Million VOLT tokens.
  •       Partnership with Shopping.io to enable holders to spend their VOLT tokens on worldwide retail  websites, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.
  •       Sponsoring Argentinian football team Defensa y Justicia. 
  •       Reaching 48,000 VOLT holders

The VOLTARMY community and interested investors can look forward to the remaining objectives in the current Volt Inu roadmap:

  •       Creating an automated social activity reward system
  •       Launching an NFT Collection
  •       Building the VOLTSWAP feature
  •       Releasing the launchpad/Incubator
  •       Reaching 50,000 VOLT holders

Final Thoughts

Volt Inu (VOLT) aims to stand out from other meme-coins through better utility, more investment options, and a growing community.

Volt Inu live price
Volt Inu
price change

So far, the project went through a re-branding, a migration, and created a bridge to a second blockchain while, in the meantime, it got listed on 23 CEXs. In other words, it overcame obstacles that would kill most meme-coin initiatives in their early days.

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