Walmart’s Payment Future May Change as it Looks Towards Hiring a Crypto Expert

According to a job posting, Walmart looks forward to hiring an expert with vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The E-commerce giant states that the position will employ a digital currency lead responsible for developing a virtual currency framework.

What’s more, the strategist holding that position will be on the lookout for any crypto-related investments, show dedication to a product roadmap, and transform customers’ concerns into product requirements. 

Thus, this position will build the expert’s portfolio as a skilled individual who implements innovative solutions using customer insights and emerging technologies. Basic qualifications for the position include a ten-year experience in product/program management and past exposures to cryptocurrency and strategy development/implementations. 

Other qualification requirements indicate skills such as communication, problem-solving techniques, and an entrepreneur mindset capable of adapting quickly to a fast-paced ecosystem. The vacant position is for a senior director operating in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart’s headquarter base.

Moving Closer to the Crypto Adoption Dream

Walmart’s new job offer shows the growing interest major global companies have in exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies. It could introduce users to dominant digital coins such as Bitcoin and their underlying blockchain network. As a result, the E-commerce industry could experience the impactful benefits of digital currency payments, which employ anonymity and transparency. Additionally, digital currencies will streamline cross-border payments, which are most often expensive for customers to execute.

Moreover, aside from being mediums of exchange, cryptocurrencies could open up more investment opportunities where everyone can maximize profits. However, the crypto-verse is already under numerous oppositions from regulators worldwide, who mostly view virtual asset investments as risky ventures. 

However, Walmart’s job position could change the narrative about digital currencies and their application to real-world activities such as buying goods and services. This action could push for the crypto adoption concept and present a cashless economy relying on modernized technologies.

Amazon Also Ventures into Crypto 

Amazon is yet another E-commerce entity planning on examining the viability of cryptocurrency payments. In July 2021, Amazon announced a blockchain and digital currency lead to facilitate a cost-effective payment system. The qualified candidate will be part of Amazon’s Payment Acceptance and Experience Team, managing billions of customer transactions. 

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According to the posting, the individual will have several responsibilities, including embracing Amazon’s virtual currency and blockchain strategy. Moreover, they should also venture into in-depth customer/system data evaluation and initiate partnerships with various leaders dealing with marketing, product design, or science to empower aligned priorities.

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