Wemade and Elympics Embark on Strategic Alliance to Elevate Blockchain Gaming

In a trailblazing move within the gaming industry, Wemade, a distinguished South Korean game developer, has teamed up with Elympics, a Polish company specialized in creating tools for competitive game development. This partnership heralds the launch of “Clash of Orbs” on Wemade’s blockchain gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY, marking it as the first darts-style game in its repertoire.

“Clash of Orbs” invites players to a spirited competition where they aim to position their Orbs in the center of the map, adding a layer of strategy by displacing opponents’ Orbs. Elympics’ expertise in web3 technologies is expected to bolster the game’s integrity, bringing transparency and security to the forefront of the user experience​.

WEMIX PLAY, a top-tier blockchain gaming platform, boasts a diverse game lineup for its 9 million-strong user base, coupled with an array of GameFi services and a NFT auction marketplace. This deal is expected to enrich WEMIX PLAY’s offerings and expand its global partnership network​.

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Wemade is at the vanguard of incorporating blockchain into gaming, aiming to streamline the adoption of Web3 services. This partnership with Elympics is likely to enhance the diversity and innovation of games on WEMIX PLAY, promising a new era of gaming that’s both enjoyable and fair​​.

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