What are the Critically Acclaimed Cryptocurrencies of 2021?

According to Coinmarketcap, there are over 11 thousand crypto assets. Although the number of crypto assets is increasing rapidly, very few are getting mainstream adoption, and others fail. According to a statistic, as of 2019, over 1000 crypto coins had failed.

Generally, one factor that contributes to the failure or success of an asset is the level of popularity. The more popular the asset, the higher the investor’s chance to consider it and vice versa are also true. Therefore, the project should take serious steps in marketing and maintaining an excellent online and social media presence for the coin to be top-rated.

This guide will look into the five most popular crypto assets, and you will notice that all of these assets have been very successful in the industry.


Bitcoin is the all-time greatest crypto asset and one of the best investment opportunities. The coin was launched just over a decade ago in 2009, and the currency has gained immense popularity in the financial world.

It’s common to hear people who have little knowledge of crypto using Bitcoin as a collective crypto term. However, the coin has also been a center of discussion in the media and other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The coin has had the most mentions in the media compared to the others, and it has been at times compared to gold.

Bitcoin was created to be a store of value assets and be used as a medium of exchange. Institutions like Tesla have in the past used bitcoin for such purposes. Also, the number of Bitcoin-only ATMs globally is over 14000 as of January 2021, proving the vast popularity of the asset.


Ethereum has been an excellent competitor against Bitcoin for several years, although it provides a different class of services. It is by far the most popular distributed computing network. How popular is Ethereum?

Every exchange and wallet with multiple crypto assets today often have Bitcoin and Ethereum as its topmost assets. Moreover, Ethereum has over 1.4 million followers on its Twitter page.

Furthermore, around 3000 Dapps are running on the Ethereum chain and about 200 Defi networks and coins. The Defi and NFT craze has been one of the major things contributing vastly to the increasing popularity of the Ethereum coin.

Binance Coin

Binance coin(BNB) is a product of the Binance Exchange and is hosted by the Binance Smart chain. This coin has had an outstanding performance in the past few months, especially after the launch of the BSC.

Being the product of the most popular crypto exchange platform, Binance coin benefits vastly from the popularity. The Binance network has over $4.9 million Twitter followers, higher than many popular crypto networks, including Bitcoin.

Like Ethereum, Binance smart chain provides Dapp related services, and every platform leveraging the network must at some point use the BNB. As its decentralized world increases, the coin will continually gain more popularity, thus remaining among the most popular assets.


As things stand today, ADA is among the most popular crypto assets. In addition, Cardano is one of the top best performing cryptocurrencies in the crypto world today, promising a better future for everyone.

Generally, Cardano is becoming so much more popular than many other assets because of its self-sustainability. Unlike some of the assets in the top 10, Cardano consumes a relatively less amount of electricity, actually capped at 6 Gigawatts of power.

Cardano is also working hard to ensure that it provides a new decentralized application network for its users. In addition, the team will, in the future, implant more features and services for more efficiency.

Even in social media, Cardano has remained very popular, attracting over 700 thousand followers. Cardano is the third most popular Dapp network, and due to its media presence, the network will remain highly popular.


Dogecoin is a meme coin introduced in 2015 to leverage the memes of the Shiba Inu dog. Generally, this coin gains popularity primarily because of the social media influencers. For example, Elon has continuously been tweeting about Dogecoin, leading to immense gains in the prices of the coins.

Snoop Dogg also earlier made comments on Dogecoin, which led to a vast increase in the popularity and price of the coin. It currently has over 1.9 million Twitter followers, and it’s also popular in other media like Reddit.

Recently, this coin has been getting criticism from investors and financial experts, but it remains the most popular meme coin.

Final Word

This write-up has looked into the five most popular cryptocurrencies today. The assets mentioned above have proven to be very popular in social media and also in usage. Bitcoin is the most popular, followed by ethereum, and the main reason is that the two have the highest demand and trades in the exchanges.

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Binance Coin and Cardano take on the third and fourth slots since these networks provide decentralized application services, and the coins have also been in high demand. Dogecoin’s popularity is mainly because of Elon Musk’s influence in the crypto world.

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