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World of Dypians Unveils Stunning Conflux Network Area Spanning 62,500 m2 and Upcoming NFT Marketplace

World of Dypians (WOD), one of the most exciting metaverse projects, revealed the latest development to its rapidly expanding digital universe. In a 1-minute Twitter video, we see a futuristic cityscape hub spanning an area of 62,500 square meters ready for in-depth exploration. The stunning visuals and cutting-edge designs promise an immersive journey that will elevate gameplay and deliver a unique gaming experience.

WOD’s developer, Dypius, works actively to make World of Dypians live up to its expectations. The recent development is part of its exciting new collaboration with Conflux Network, the only public blockchain in China and one of the country’s biggest tech companies. In fact, the cityscape hub is called Conflux Headquarters (HQ), rising up to the company’s high standards with a sleek and modern display.

Brace Yourselves for a Unique Metaverse Experience

The Conflux Headquarters is part of a revamped Downtown area in the World of Dypians metaverse. It features six sections, each testament to innovation and technological advancement.

The lobby area allows players to interact with dynamic price charts and get updates and news concerning the Conflux Network.

Next, players can venture to the Ecosystem Display Room to explore projects, grants, and initiatives associated with the Conflux Network.

Gamers can expand their knowledge in a community-oriented building, the Educational Space. Here, they can interact with CFX ambassadors, attend workshops and discussions, and obtain more information on blockchain technology and its real-world applications.

The Conflux HQ has a dedicated space to digital art in the NFTs Showroom – “a sanctuary for digital art enthusiasts and collectors.” Players can admire rare artworks and witness unique blockchain-based assets.

The pinnacle of the Conflux HQ is the Live Events Hall – a breathtaking venue hosting conferences, panel discussions, and product launches.

Lastly, WOD players looking for the latest play-to-earn (P2E) games developed on the Conflux Network can head to the Game Floor section. They can explore gameplay features, innovative mechanics, and monetization options here.

A Glimpse of the Future WOD NFT Marketplace

In another exciting announcement from World of Dypians, the project offered a sneak peek at the metaverse’s upcoming NFT Marketplace. The much-anticipated feature has reached its testing stage, a crucial phase before the official release.

World of Dypians players will be able to use the in-game NFT Marketplace to trade the game’s NFT collections with 0 royalties. This benefit, scarcely available in other metaverse projects, is only one of the many perks WOD players will enjoy in the game’s new version.

Following its most recent patch, World of Dypians has introduced numerous new features and bug fixes. Moreover, the developers’ careful consideration of player feedback and pledge to improve gameplay spurred exciting additions.


Regular updates to World of Dypians and new partnerships with globally-renowned companies show Dypius’ ambition to deliver boundless opportunities within a unique, immersive metaverse experience.

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You can dive into the vibrant World of Dypians here.

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