Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse Join Forces to Launch WL Crypto Payment Tool

On August 19, Worldline, a European payment service, and Bitcoin Suisse launched an Omnichannel crypto payment tool called WL Crypto Payment. The launch comes two years after the two became partners to speed up crypto adoption.

WL-Crypto Payment Tool

Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline introduced an omnichannel payment solution that will help Swiss merchants accept payments in crypto. Buyers in Switzerland can now buy items in bitcoin and Ether as payment options. Using crypto will be as effortless as using traditional assets in transactions.

The WL-crypto payment tool comes in an application for merchants. Therefore, they can easily download the application or use the Worldline web-based plugin. Clients will directly pay from the crypto wallets, be it bitcoin or Ether. Buyers can pay either at the Point of sale or in e-commerce.

Furthermore, the tool will enable buyers to know the amount of virtual currency needed for purchasing. When purchasing, a buyer will see the Swiss franc value of the commodity, as well as the quoted price in BTC and ETH. Moreover, the merchant will in real-time approve the transaction value when the payment happens.

Opening Bitcoin and Ether to The Wider Market

The Worldline-Bitcoin Suisse partnership emerged back in 2019. The primary intention was to bring bitcoin to Switzerland. When announcing the partnership in 2019, Bitcoin Suisse CEO said;

“Our partnership with Worldline is a major step forward on the journey to bring crypto payments into broader adoption.”

This new development will contribute to increasing the adoption of Bitcoin in Switzerland. There are over 85000 merchants in Switzerland, all of whom will have the freedom of using the new payment methods. On the launch of WL-Crypto payment, Marc Schuler, Worldline Switzerland CEO, noted that;

“The launch of cryptocurrencies acceptance at the POS in Switzerland is a great proof of our ambition. Worldline wants to bring tangible value to merchants across the globe and to facilitate smooth and modern payments in all the markets we operate in.”

Currently, Worldline is the 4rth biggest global player in payment and transactional services and the biggest in Europe. It provides services in over 50 countries, where it has over 20 thousand employees. Thus, interacting with bitcoin and Ether opens the assets to a massive market in several countries.

Institutional Adoption of Crypto in Switzerland

Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse are not the only ones interested in Bitcoin and crypto. In April, AXA, a Swiss insurance company, began taking Bitcoin as an alternative payment option for non-life products. This was in a mission to cater to the increasing demand from customers.

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In June this year, BBVA, a banking giant, introduced custody and bitcoin trading services. The bank integrated a BTC management application into its BVB application. This increasing Bitcoin and crypto adoption is setting the crypto world to more future profitability.

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