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Yuga Labs Targeted in 3rd Phishing Hack, Loses 200 ETH

Yuga Labs has authenticated the tweet that announced a phishing attack on its Discord server early Saturday. The scam cost users NFTs valued at 200 ETH, an amount valued at 360,000 dollars. The team acknowledged the breach almost 12 hours after it initially aired on Twitter.

Early Saturday, a Twitter user with the handle NFTherder sounded an alarm on social media. He claimed that sister metaverse projects, BAYC, and OtherSide metaverse Discords, had fallen victim to hackers, yet again.

According to the social media user, malicious actors took advantage of Boris Vagner, the BAYC community manager’s already compromised Discord account. Next, the scammers used the account to post disguised phishing links on both metaverses’ Discord accounts. After which the hackers made away with NFTs worth 145 ETH, from unsuspecting wallet holders who clicked the links.

NFT herder also traced the suspicious transactions to four different wallets.

Eleven Hours Later, Yuga Labs Confirm the Thefts

Eleven hours after the NFTherder tweet. Yuga Labs took to Twitter to authenticate the news. The update confirmed that both BAYC and OtherSide Discords briefly got compromised, but the team addressed the issue quickly. The affected company added updated information on how much the hackers actually stole, 200 ETH in NFTs. 

BAYC Co-Founder Blames Discord Platform

This attack is not the first time scammers have exploited Yuga Labs’ platforms this year in similar attacks. Early April saw an attack that lost the NFT project a token. Just like this recent hack, malicious actors posted a phishing link through a compromised BAYC server. The thieves managed to steal a Mutant Ape Yacht Club Token in that exploit. A few weeks later, the web3 platform once again had its server compromised. During this second attack which took place on Instagram, the hackers carted away 91 NFTs worth over 10 million dollars.

Consequently, Gordon Goner, co-founder of BAYC, accused Discord of not looking out for web3 communities, calling for a better platform. 

However, Steve Fink, another user, made a rebuttal with a tweet of his own. He replied to Goner’s complaint with the opinion that Yuga Labs was at fault; changing clients wouldn’t prevent a recurrence.

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Finally, the NFT project warned users of the rise in similar attacks, reiterating that “BAYC does not do surprises”. Its team advised its users to beware of clicking on links that promise surprise mints or giveaways, as their platform does not offer such.

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